21 October 2009


Yesterday turned out to be a somewhat eventful day

I am still recovering from this flu so spent the afternoon in Brians room ( my craftroom) making a book of pics for a friend whose birthday party I took pics at.

OK when I went out to the bin later this vision was at the back door took a little detective work to to find who had been playing pranks........ the doors were locked but my car was not so my prankster friends. had a ball with my photography gear in the boot of my car

Hubby then had an unfortunate encounter with a red car while driving from a friends Thankfully no one was hurt but his van is now in hospital

19 October 2009


I have been sickie bad with this flu like virus thats everywhere at the moment been holed up indoors since last Wednesday Wonder if anyone will feel sorry for me and leave a comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My mum sent me a lovely bunch of flowers They are beautiful.......cheered me up no end

Last rose of summer