25 November 2008

Master Clarke Day 1

Prepare to see many many more of this adorable babe
Todays offerings -the light is very bad in the maternity ward!!
Adorers no1 My Bro and his wife
Adorer no 2 The most brilliant midwife in the world My dear friend Vera
NO3 Himself the object of everyones adoration filling the newborn babygro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome Master Clarke

Today I had the most wonderful privilge of being one of the first people to welcome a new little star into the world
My DN gave birth to the most amazing little baby boy at 2.23 am He is still less than 4 hours old!!!

My pics were taken when he was less than 1 hour old Is he not the most beautiful babe in the world??
So very many congrats to Shaunine , Dad Paul and for my beloved sister a poem

I am a Grandma
"I'm Going To Be A Grandma!" I tell everyone I see.
It is kind of funny, how they stop and look at me.
It doesn't even matter, if they can't help but stare,
I tell them with the hope, that they might actually care.
They just don't understand, how important this will be,
"I'm Going To Be A Grandma!", how fortunate for me.
But then I met a wise one, a Grandma of a friend.
She had some advice, she happily would lend,
she told me to picture, how great I thought it'd be,
becoming a Grandma, how wonderful for me!
No matter how great, I thought it would be,
she said it's, 10 times better, than I could ever see.
I loved her advice, and it got me through the days
as I waited for our little one, the baby on the way.
And when our baby came, with many happy tears,
I knew that my joy would grow, throughout the coming years.
But at that very moment, I knew she must be right
because there's nothing in the world, like love at first sight.
And now, I AM a Grandma, I tell everyone I see
I can't take off my smile, "GRANDMA" ... I'll always be!

Copyright 2003
Christine Michae

23 November 2008

New Desk

This is my Nice new desk now in Brians room for me to escape to and craft to my hearts content

14 November 2008

maeve 1996

maeve 1996
Originally uploaded by plathfan
My beautiful Niece Maeve

Awards Ceremony

I was at a lovely but very poignant Awards Ceremoney today at the Univerity of Ulster today.

This is a ceremony where each student undertaking a programme leading to a recordable or registerable qualification is presented with a University of Ulster School of Nursing Badge . In add ition the presentatation of prestigious sponsered awards to students who have demonstrated outstanding performance in specific fields takes place at this ceremony
That was my reason for being there -- NO Not to receive an award !!!but as a guest associated with one of the Awards The Maura Hamill Mckenna Cup
Maura was a close and very dear friend until her tragic and untimely death in 2004
The award is jointly sponsored by The Community and Health Visitors Association(CPHVA) and Mauras family.
Maura and I served as Regional Chair and Regional Secretary of the CPHVA for a number of years

This year the cup went to a very deserving and lovely young man whose mother co-incidentally is another dear friend of Mauras

My pictures show him being presented with the cup by Mauras sisters and one of him with his own family

12 November 2008

Photo competition

Really chuffed that this pic won this months Photography Competition on UKS

09 November 2008

Another little friend who visits us

A Little Guy who enjoyed the nuts we left outside for him and all his mates

One of the cards I made today

Doodle Crafts

The weather is cold dull and dreary but yesterday a bright spot was visiting Doodle Craft's demomstration where I learnt how to make a dinky little container to hold Christmas goodies

Today enjoyed making some Christmas cards

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

06 November 2008

A Titled Gentleman

For the big birthday DS bought hubby a small plot of land in Scotland that entitles him to use the title Laird!

03 November 2008

Guess who's 70 today!?

Look what my naughty son posted on Flickr

02 November 2008

Lovely Day

Had a brill day today The lovely T (also answers to Froggie)

had about 20 scrappers in her home today all in aid of Breast Cancer

The food was delicious! company was lovely!
I got myself into a corner and was very happy to finish an album of DHs big birthday in Philly

Came home a very inspired bunny!!!

Thank you so much T

Will try and post pics tomorrow of the album

01 November 2008

All Hallows Eve

Had some very scary Trick or Treat visitors last night