29 September 2008

Rest in Peace Dougal

Our little Sheltie Dougal died last Wednesday.

He was DH's best mate and a great little dog

We went to Donegal on Wed and he was in good form

We checked into the hotel and the went to the beach in Ballyliffin

DH took him for a walk He just loved a walk on the beach he even ran after another dog

After dinner DH went to the car to take him for a short walk he only managed about a hundred yards when he lay down and DH had to carry back to the car

We checked him a couple more times before bedtime and we knew he was not great

In the morning he had passed away and is now in his last resting place in Donegal

We have know for over a year now that he had cancer so for him to die in our car where he was always so happy and after a walk on the beach was comforting

23 September 2008


Spent a lovely afternoon with friends in Lisburn on Sunday and I got to walk around Hilsborough Lake with M with camera as usual

19 September 2008

Ibiza-The aftermath

Got back las Sat after a nice relaxing week in Ibiza -- The weather was lovely but none of the usual amazing sunsets! set up camera and tripod each evening and a bank of cloud always appeared in the west

Came home to yet another tragedy in the family!

Have just had a week that I hope I never have to live through again!!

What can I say?

I will just say Rest in Peace Eamonn

05 September 2008

Off to Ibiza tomorrow early

See you all when I get back