18 June 2008

brandy shadows

brandy shadows
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A great guy Ryan in our photography club taught us how to do Product Photography---my attempt


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Had a lovely evening on Sunday driving around the shores of Lough Neagh with my camera

Came upon this on the way!!!

12 June 2008

Go GO Weekend

If you fancy a peek at what I do on my weekends away pop over to


And you will see all in a great slideshow

As world knows by nowI won the Apprentice challenge!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks to everyone who voted
but what you may not know is that Hubby now has a cult following accross the UK

02 June 2008

First Communion

We enjoyed a really lovely family day yesterday

We were privildged to be part of P's First Communion celebration What a joy Beautiful children participation from all the generations certainly a day to remember!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you B and P for lighting up our lives by joining you all

I will be posting pics over the next few days

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