29 April 2008

Busy busy day

I have not up loaded any promts recently so here is todays

Prompt 120
“If you are seeking creative ideas, go out walking. Angels whisper to a man when he goes for a walk.”
Raymond Inmon

What a busy day I have
A good friend from worked called and we spent the afternoon productively

(shihsssss working yep working I know a foreign word to me now but occasionally it helps to find out if the brain is still OK and of course I keep up to date with whats happening in the Health service world and rejoice that I am no longer part of that awful stressful environment where my ex colleages are struggling to provide a quality service against a background of never ending cuts in resourses)

Then I was about to take Lucky to the vet for her annual jag when more visitors arrived very old friends from caravan days great to see them and reminincse (SP)

Cappagh again

Forgot about my visit to Cappagh High Level on Sun here are some pics



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Hoping this pic is now available

28 April 2008

Bad Blogger

So the last week has gone by in a flash


Lunch on Wed with 2 very dear friends Averil and Ruth really enjoyed it

Passed my photography course with merit and got a distintiction for my group shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey Michael

Thurs brought another dear friend to Daisy Hill for hand surgery under GA

This the pic of her hand wont show you her face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

24 April 2008

are you with us?

are you with us?
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This is a new project I am starting it involves taking pics on the 25th of each month and is being organised by Shimelle there is also a flickr group

22 April 2008

Dgn Park

Dgn Park
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What a day
First I planted spring /summer flowers Then I tidied Brians roon/My craft room
then took pics at Dgn Park and Killybracken and Derrygortreavy

very satisfied as I cleaned the bathroom as well

oh and I also did a little bit of necesary shopping

What a busy life we retired folk have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

18 April 2008

Group Pic

Got great comfort as usual from our little Bereavement Group tonight ( Not all gloom and doom as many might associate with groups like us) plus they very kindly agreed to pose and enable me get a group shot for my portfolio for my online photography course I am very pleased with the shots here is one of them

13 April 2008

Dont look if you are squeamish!!!!!

What an afternoon!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was sitting in the conservatory doing my bit of studying my D80 camera book

The kitcten windows open wide it is such a nice day

I heard Lucky crying in a very proud voice I guessed the worst and I was right Lucky had brought a live mouse in through the open window!!!! I had to brave it past her and the mouse to close the hall door

I then went outside via the front door and watched the game of cat and mouse through the window

Rang hubby who was out for a walk so he brought a neighbour home with him to deal with the situation and enable me get back inside

All is now sorted but here is the evidence

12 April 2008

Look at Me!

Look at Me!
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Free Smiley, to brighten your day! ;-)

I was browing through Flickr Thought it was fun

Laugh, and the world laughs with you. Weep, and you weep alone!
(Ella Wheeler Wilcox - 1850–1919), U.S. poet)

11 April 2008


Just a little pic of my uncle and I at the weekend

10 April 2008

Action shots

This is the last week of my on line photography class My dear friend Linda very generously let me take pics of her two gorgous children in action mode

took 70 plus pics these are what I uploaded for the assignment

Did youu miss my Ramblings

I have been a baad blogger but will try and do better in future Had a lovely few days in Ennis My uncle is in good form and everyone at the Friary was lovely

Heres a sign of spring --the first cut

07 April 2008


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Me thinks the best pic of the weekend

04 April 2008

Brian's Headstone

Brian's Headstone
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Not sure about this entry

But felt it needed to be posted in his everlasting memory

RIP Brian

03 April 2008

My Fair Lady

At the Marketplace theatre tonight to see My Fair Lady ---A great show by Eglish Theatre Company

Really enjoyed it

01 April 2008

Prompt 92
"Look, see, view"
What do you eye spy today?