29 December 2007

Home Again

Back home again from Ayr

Choppy enough sailing last night!
had such a fab time with DS and DIL
It is so special to spend Christmas with your nearest and dearest
Did the shops in Ayr esp the craftshop went armed with very generous vouchers Christmas pressies from DS DIL and Travis their doggie so home with lots of new stash plus the craft robo that santa (DH) brought!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lucky despite being well cared for while we were away was happy to see us in her own aloof way

Have signed up for another CJ this one is "Sweet 16 "I am doing Memories of me at 16

25 December 2007

Happy Christmas everyone santa came ---got a Craft Robo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

24 December 2007

Christmas Eve 2007 Pics

Happy Holidays

Arrived in Ayr yesterday evening had an early night and then Ds and I were out early this am to the last minute shoping crowds not too bad at allThen we all went up into the hills above Ayr and I took some fab pics finished off by having a superb lunch in the Brigadoon House Hotel and got more fab picsBack at DH's now sitting in front of a roaring log fire while Ds and DIL slave away in the kitchen this is the life

22 December 2007

OK we head in the morning to Lovely Ayr

DS is unlikely to view this before we arrive tomorrow

But as he is doing Christmas lunch I said I would bring hin the cheeses

I decorated a very old basket belonging to his Gmother and filled it with delicious cheese and chocolate We are going to have a feast and he will have his Gran's basket

Here is a pic


OMG Whhat a day visitors from 1.30 on --Great to see them all esp the children --so excited about Santa

My sis and her hubbie came can now post a pic of her gift

Count Down

Off to Bonnie Scotland on Sunday
Cant wait to see DS and DIL with their lovely new home all decorated for Christmas
My sis is calling tomorrow to bring the free range turkey her son reared and is giving to us for Christmas dinner
I will be busy packing for our trip we bring a trailer too but DH will have that full of logs and turf so all my gear laptop camera clothes etc will have to fit in the boot Might manage to get our sheltie to share some space in the back seat for pressies!

20 December 2007

Kids Cards

Today I spent doing DH's Gns And DNs cards
I found an idea on UKs but cannot find the clever person to acknowledge

Anyhow I made the cards and rolled up a sterling note and tied it by piercing
hope they catch on that a card without the expected money on the inside
actually has it on the outside as you can see below

Kids Christmas cards

18 December 2007

Christmas is coming

This is a Christmas present I made for my mum
It contains pics of all her GC